Friday, December 6, 2013


     I never remember it, but the Lovely One does.  December 6, 1969, forty-four years arrear now.  We met and that changed my life forever.  She just reminded me as she does most years.  Never known anyone like her, can't say I've ever been loved more selflessly, Big C and before, had more fun with, bigger laughs, more stressful adventures. 
     I wish I had been an easier partner. I know what she has had to put up with.  But then I was the needy one - most of the time.  "She raised me up on wings. . ." No, no, too sentimental and I have no clear recollection of being up high.
     Now I am more dependant than ever and she caters to my every whim. Ominously, tomorrow, we celebrate Pearl Harbor day.

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